Passport Stamps

During the first week of school, our students put together their own passports. They filled out a Colombian Student Visa and glued that to the inside cover and then we used the blank passport pages to write our first unit’s objectives using I can statements. Spanish Passport Template

At the end of the unit, the students will stamp the objectives that they have completed. To do so, I made these passport stamps for several of the Latin countries, including México, Perú, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and more. I also plan to use the facebook megustastampMe Gusta” stamp for objectives stating their likes.

Passport Stamps and Passport Booklet for Spanish ClassTo celebrate back to school, we are now offering our passport stamps for 15% off the rest of the week.

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Classroom Scavanger Hunt

Here’s a quick tip to do doing the first week of school: Create a classroom scavenger hunt. I wrote up a half sheet of questions for things for students to look for around the classroom. I included asking where the questions words were located in the classroom, as well as having them find certain information by looking at the bulletin boards and posters, such as the translation for a movie, or the colors of a certain Flag.

This helps students realize that the the classroom itself is also a reference. We teachers spend a lot of time in organizing and decorating our classroom to help students. Using this scavenger hunt, it gets students up and moving, but lets them see the rich resources of information you have made available to them.

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Spanish Classroom Tour

Ok, so the bulletin boards are done and the posters are hung. Here’s what our students will walk into on the first day of classes.

7 Spanish Room Continue reading

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Inspire Travel

My theme for my classes this year will be travel, and you get see all our previous posts about this topic here.

Today’s posts offer some images that you can print to use as bulletin board material or frame and hang to add to your classroom decoration.
Travel Bulletin Board with maps
After creating the word “travel” digitally through maps, we decided we should offer our viewers the Spanish version.
The word viajar is spelled out with a map-font. Click on the image to enlarge.
Viajar mapa

Our next set was inspired by Continue reading

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Classroom 2015

Got into my classroom today and am making some progress on decorating. Wanted to share what I’ve got so far; perhaps an idea might inspire you.

Tableclothes for Bulletin Board

I love using plastic tableclothes for bulletin boards. They are so easy to put up. They cling to the background, I use a pushpin to hold them into place as I cut it perfectly at the edge. And it’s cheap: I pick these up at the dollar store. They will last for several years. Continue reading

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Authentic Resources sobre La Escuela

These authentic resources are perfect for a school unit in your Spanish class or to use at the beginning of the school year.

Check out our experience from working in a Colombian School to compare the US school system with that from a rural community in the coffee region of Colombia.

Pictures of “Back to School” Ad from Colombian store “Exito”:
hora de estudiar regreso a clases con diversion
Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons for and against Spanish names

Top 5 Reasons you should and should not give your students Spanish namesOne of our more popular posts is about an issue that most Spanish teachers are divided on. I recently asked a Spanish teacher group on facebook if they give their students Spanish names and to give their reasons and the response was split. This post is probably not going to change your mind one way or another, but maybe give you some insight on why other teachers do things, or give you support for the way you do things. I do find that while the polls seem split 50-50, more teachers who do not give names state their reason for doing so.

Below are the top 5 reasons you should and should not give your students a “Spanish name”.
Continue reading

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Facebook in Spanish

We just gave one of our most popular product a huge upgrade. We are quickly approaching 1,000 licenses sold for our Spanish Facebook Profile Project. If you are one of those who already has this project, you will want to log in to and re-download the new version. If you Spanish Facebook Profile Projectdon’t have this project yet, this is a perfect way to start the school year and gather information from your students by having them fill out a Facebook profile with their favorite things.

Spanish Facebook Profile

Along with the 3 page template  (Profile, Newsfeed, Notifications), this also comes with a list of Facebook vocabulary (tagging, commenting, sharing, etc.) as well as texting-shorting such as “tmbn” for también and many more!

And to correspond with this re-release, we are happy to say that our Facebook “Me Gusta” stamp Continue reading

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Travel Documents

Now that our students have their plane tickets, it’s time to make sure they have their travel documents with them!

It’s time to have students make their own passport, make sure their VISA is filled out, and carry their ID card with them. Spanish Travel Documents
Get our passport covers, passport pages, Colombian Visa, and Colombia ID card here.
You may also want to check out Passport Pages for all 21 Spanish Speaking Countries from Creative Language Class.

And if you are going to use passports, why not get our Passport Stamps?

Continue reading

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Spanish Instagram

If you’ve haven’t read how to use instagram in your class, first read this post. Once you’ve set up a class account, we recommend the following accounts below. Once you are following, you can project your feed on the board and let students see the pictures. You can even select one student to use an app such as “Repost” to repost an image to the class account. Encourage students and parents to follow the class account. You can post questions and have students respond on IG or use it to spark a discussion in class.

Travel and Culture:

Amazing pictures of sites of interest in the Spanish Speaking World plus some of the official account of the countries’ Tourism department. Continue reading

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