Top Secret Posts

We usually see quite a lot of traffic to our blog, most brought from sources such as Pinterest or google searches.

HowSpanish Teacher Blogever, we wanted to highlight some of the posts that have not seem substantial hits, that you may have missed! Today we bring you our Top 5 “Hidden Gems” posts that may be worth taking a look at. And if you enjoy the post, please share it on pinterest, facebook, or twitter so that others may benefit and it doesn’t remain so hidden. Check out our “secret” posts.

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Top 10 Spanish Blog Posts

You’ve seen the bottom 5 blog posts (6-10) that we’ve ever written and today we unveil the Top 5! These posts have received the most page visits since we started the blog over 6 years ago.

Emergency Spanish Sub Plans5. Spanish Sub Plans
We all need a backup plan. We get sick. Our children get sick. Something comes up. But we are prepared with this emergency sub lesson plans for our Spanish class.


Spanish Verb Charts4. Graphic Organizers
If you’re looking for a way to organize students, check out some of these graphic organizers. Besides the traditional verb chart, using an outline of a hand to write the forms and explains who they reflect is a great way to help students.

Projects for Spanish Class3. Spanish Projects
This post highlights 7 Ready-to-Use projects for the Spanish 1 classroom. These projects can be used as assessments during or at the end of the chapter. Save your time for the important stuff and let us do your planning. Includes our popular product, Facebook Profile Project.

Spanish Communication Activities2. Spanish Speaking Activities
The whole point of learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate. Our students need to be practicing speaking as often in possible in Spanish classes, so we’ve prepared 8 ready to use activities that help your students practice communicating.

And now…. the most visited post on goes to…..

Family Tree Lesson Plans for Spanish 11. Family Tree
For some reason, “family tree” is the most searched term that brings visitors to our site, especially the Simpsons family tree and the family tree of Modern Family. If you teach la familia in a traditional manner, enjoy our free árbol geneological

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Spanish Plans Top 10 6-10

It has been awhile since an update. International travel and lack of internet are my main excuses. In the meanwhile I wanted to highlight some of our top blog posts as determined by page visits. We’ve taken our top ten posts EVER and today present posts 6-10. Stay tuned for posts 5 through 1!

Dia de los Muertos Lesson10. Looking for resources to use to celebrate Day of the Dead? Check out this post with links to a video, and an article in Spanish to use in your class as the perfect lesson. Continue reading

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Authentic Instagrams

We are always looking for authentic resources to use in our lessons. Right now, instagram is the social media of choice for students. We found an instagram full of authentic quotes that pertain to students, especially regarding school. What a great way for kids to read authentic texts and be engaged.


Ways Instagram could be incorporated in foreign language class: Continue reading

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History through soccer

It’s here! The 2014 World Cup kicks off today! And while we will be glued to the TV during all 64 games, there are some interesting shows that showcase the history of South America through the context of soccer.

Produced by ESPN, these shows are now available on netflix.

The Two EscobarsThe Two Escobars focuses on two figures in Colombia who happen to share a last name. Andrés Escobar, a soccer star for the National team, was killed after scoring an own goal in the 1994 World Cup.
The other Escobar, Pablo, was a powerful figure in Colombia’s drug cartel era. And during his time in “prison”, which happened to be his own mansion, he would arrange for soccer teams to come and play at his estate.


30 for 30 soccer storiesThe 30 for 30: Soccer Stories has 8 episodes, but the most interesting regarding South American history is called The Opposition. After a military coup in 1973, Augusto Pinochet ruled Chile by stomping out any opposition. Intertwined in this story is how the Chilean national soccer team qualified for the World Cup when the Soviet Union refused to play in Santiago’s National Stadium, which was used as a torture camp for political prisoners. Continue reading

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Spanish Superhero ProjectHere’s a fun activity to culminate at the end of the year or to begin the year with a review. (See also, Animal Unit) Have your students create they very own Superhero. They can describe the superhero in the target language. Students can even create their own trading card and write in the following information:

Nombre:Captain Mexico Trading Card
Nombre verdadero:
Descripción Física:

Buy our ready to use unit that comes with a list of essential superhero vocabulary plus a template for the trading card.

With superhero movies being a big hit (such as Avengers, and X-Men) especially among boys, use that interest to connect with your kids and get them excited about coming to class.

Other ideas to incorporate superheroes in class: Continue reading

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Classroom Door Idea

I saw this picture on pinterest and, like many images, I thought of how I could incorporate it into a foreign language classroom. This post from SewWoodsy featured this door covered in pictures in the style of instagram.
instagram doorHow cool would this be to do on your classroom door or even as a bulletin board? My initial thought was to use album covers from CDs, since they are square already. But then I thought it would be so eye-opening for students to see images that show the culture and represent the beauty of our target cultures and countries. If you’ve traveled, I’m sure you have tons of pictures that you could print out. If not, pinterest or google images is full of eye-catching pictures that will grab your students attention! Check out some of the colorful images of the culture on our Hispanic Countries and Culture pinterest board.

Let students see the real beauty of the culture

Let students see the real beauty of the culture


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End of La Liga

This year my students have each followed a specific Spanish-league team from the beginning of the season until now, the end of the season.
Students would track their scores on a weekly basis using a Google Docs spreadsheet. Now that the league has crowned a champion we are going to celebrate in class with year end awards. For students who were tracking Atletico Madrid, they will be awarded a trophy. You can find mini trophies for sale at hobby stores or dollar stores. I printed a label with the team name and “campeones” to place at the bottom of each trophy.
For the teams that are relegated, I picked up some yo-yos at the dollar store. Even though these teams are going down now to the second division they make be back up the year after.
I also wanted to give something to the teams that finished second through sixth place for qualifying for the European competition next season, but I have yet to think of anything.

La Liga Awards

Spain La Liga futbol WebquestFor more information about this project, check out our La Liga posts. We will also be updating our Spain’s La Liga Futbol Webquest this summer for the 2014-2015 year. You can buy it now and be able to download any new updates when they become available!

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Copa Mundial

World Cup Futbol Unit

Just finished this 12 page packet for the World Cup.

This 12 page packet features a 4 page webquest where students will find out information about the tournament, the teams, and its history. Also features 4 songs including the 2010 World Cup anthem by Shakira and 2 World Cup songs from this year 2014 Fifa World Cup as well as an inspiring song about Mexico’s national team.

Includes links to 8 websites for students to find information (or you can have your students find the information on their own) as well as links to 6 infographics, which are also included in this file.

The song activities include a link and qr code to the music video.

Not sure? Download the free preview by clicking “PREVIEW” underneath the pictures on the left on this page.

Don’t have time for a full packet? Check out our Copa Mundial Infographic, in which Copa Mundial Infographicstudents will answer 7 questions by looking at the 32 teams in this summer’s World Cup.

32 more days until Brazil and Croatia kick off the World Cup. Who are you rooting for?


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Don’t say Happy Cinco de Mayo

CNN Español (in English) What you need to know about 5 de mayo. My favorite line from this: “Don’t Say Happy Cinco de Mayo to a Mexican. We don’t say that.”

Fiesta for cinco de mayo

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