Playlist and resources for MMM23

Our playlists are out! You can listen to the 16 songs by the 23 artists who have been selected as finalists for the 2023 song of the year in our 10th annual March Música Madness tournament. With over 2 billion streams on Spotify and 1.5 views on YouTube these songs were chosen because:

  • They are current: All songs from the past year only.
  • They are from well-known artists: Famous artists that are famed in the Spanish-speaking world, with one emerging artist.
  • They are popular songs. These songs can be heard on the radio and are listened to by native speakers.
  • They represent a range of diverse artists and a variety of genres.

    MMM23 songsBefore the national voting begins on March 6, we suggest playing the songs in your class without bringing attention that they are part of any Locura de Marzo bracket. Play the music before class or while students are working. By the time March rolls around, they will say “I think I’ve heard that song before”. Sometimes it takes me several listens to a song before I start to really like it. 

    Playlists and resources after the jump:

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Youtube

March Music Madness 2023Ready for more? Purchase our MMM23 resource that comes with a printable bracket, song info list, acce

ss to shared google drive, bracket labels and artists images for bulletin board, ranking sheets, and more.

Looking for more information on how to incorporate into your class? Check out our FAQ page.




Hearing the songs in real lifeKeep it current. See why teachers prefer the SpanishPlans Bracket.

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3 Responses to Playlist and resources for MMM23

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  2. Shannon says:

    Are all of these songs appropriate for multiple age groups? Thank you for such a great resource.

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