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Time to talk about the elephant in the classroom

With the recent discussion about names, this message popped up: What are your thoughts about this? Does this seem right? Would this spark controversary? Take a minute to gather your thoughts before reading ahead….

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Why giving “Spanish Names” in Spanish class has unintended consequences

What was once a very common practice in Spanish classrooms has now become a bit controversial. While many teachers are choosing to no longer give students random “Spanish names”, the practice still continues. But those that continue to give names … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons for and against Spanish names

One of our more popular posts is about an issue that most Spanish teachers are divided on. I recently asked a Spanish teacher group on facebook if they give their students Spanish names and to give their reasons and the … Continue reading

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Why I don’t give my students Spanish names

You won’t find a Lupe in my classroom. You won’t find a Felipe, Margarita, José, Rosa, or even Pedro. That’s because I don’t assign “Spanish names” to students in my Spanish class. So yes, I call on Dylan, Tiffany, Chad, … Continue reading

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