Quien fue… series

One of my favorite books that I’ve added to my classroom library this year has actually been an authentic novel that is probably at the 3rd-5th grade reading level for native speakers, but has been a nice additional to my L2 classroom. While it is probably best suited for intermediate students, my novice high students have been able to have success with it, as it is on a familiar topic. The book…..

¿Quién es Malala?  Our school did a whole-school reading of the book “I am Malala” so students were familiar with her story. This book is a biography of this amazing girl who fought for education as a right for all. While it is not written specifically for L2 students, the language used is simple and features a lot of cognates and words that can be figured out through context. When the focus is on the story (instead of knowing every single word), students can acquire language!

Quien es Malala novel
What you can do to make it even more comprehensible for your students is to go through the book and write in translations for certain words in pencil. (Edit: We have a better method listed below)

The “Who is…/What is….” series is a great authentic resource for students. Other titles include these notable figures and events/places:

More and more titles of this great English series are now being translated into Spanish!


UPDATE: We’ve created this tutorial on how to create your own GLOSSARY for these books. We include a free download of the glossary for the Malala book.

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