How to print a glossary for a book


In the past, we showed you how to take an entire text and put ALL of the words into a glossary. This is especiallu useful when you’ve written a class story and want to print a small booklet for your FVR.making an authentic text more accessible

But what about when there is an authentic text that you want to include in your FVR and it doesn’t have a glossary? Well, we have an easy to follow tutorial to help you with that. Our whole school read the book “I am Malala”, so when I found the book  “Quién es Malala“, I bought it to add to my Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) classroom library. Since I teach level 1 and the book is designed for native speakers (2nd-4th grade) I decided to just pencil in some translations in the actual book. Several of my higher proficiency students picked up the book to read. But since then I’ve added an even better manner of making the book more accessible to students who are INTERESTED in reading about Malala. (Remember, student interest is a key factor in getting kids to read, and if they have a high interest, they will tolerate a little more “noise” as long as they are still understanding the message.

So as I read the book again to myself, I entered every word that my students didn’t know or were essential to the story in an Excel spreadsheet. Once all the terms were in excel, I sorted the Spanish list into alphabetical order. From there, I created a PowerPoint with 2 pages per slide and copied and pasted the Excel rows. Then I printed out the pages, cut them into pages, and were able to insert them into the back of the book.

adding a glossary to a novel

Now, this authentic language book has its own glossary and has more support for language learners.

Download the glossary now: Malala Glossary

Purchase the Malala book on Amazon. Check out more books in this series.

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2 Responses to How to print a glossary for a book

  1. KD says:

    An excellent idea that can make a huge impact on a learner’s zeal to continue reading particular material.

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