FVR Graphic Novel Giveaway

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for such a supporting PLN and the amount that we have professionally grown thanks to all the ideas that you all share through blogs, conferences, and twitter. With the new release of Wooly’s La Dentista novel, we thought it would be a great way to say thanks to our readers to host a FVR Graphic Novel giveaway. Get the full details We are raffling off one each of the following:
You can enter the raffle here. (starting Friday, Nov 24)

1) Robinson Crusoe Novela Grafica

We actually purchased this in Colombia, so this edition is rare to come by. Would be a great tie-in for any high school students who read this book for the literature class. This 71 page graphic novel would be a great addition to your classroom free voluntary reading (FVR) library.

2) La Dentista

This new graphic from Senor Wooly will blow your mind with the incredible artwork and length of 114 pages. The amount of language used in the book is perfect to tell the story and the images leave you in suspense to want to read more.

3) Billy y las botas

Wooly’s first graphic novel is still a classic featuring loveable characters Billy la Bufanda, Gorro, and of course Las Botas Bonitas.

4) Illustrated Readers: Miguel Tiene Que Estudiar & El Tigre Tiene Hambre

Our first forrary into printed materials. Miguel Tiene Que Estudiar and El Tigre Tiene Hambre are great easy readers for beginning Spanish students.


5) Our FVR Bundle:
This bundle is a digital file which allows you to print as many copies of seven different short level 1 readers. (For a sample FVR booklet, check out Fotografia)


Enter the Raffle NOW!  (Friday Nov 24 – Friday Dec 1)
Graphic Novel Giveaway
To enter the raffle there are various options:
1) Pin any product from http://www.SpanishTeacherShop.com or http://www.FrenchTeacherShop.com and copy and paste the pin url

2) Choose any of the FVR posts and post a comment describing how you would use the information in that post (or adapt it your classroom) https://spanishplans.org/tag/fvr/

3) Subscribe to our youtube channel and Comment on any video

4) Tweet “I’ve entered a raffle to win Graphic Novels and FVR from @spanishplans at SpanishTeacherShop.com Enter now at http://www.spanishteachershop.com/readings.html”

5) Tweet a link of your favorite SpanishPlans lesson and tag us on twitter @SpanishPlans

6) Take a photo of any of our Lessons and post it on our Facebook page (this could be a picture of the lesson being used, or just a lesson printed out on your desk)

7) If you’ve purchased a stamp from us, take a picture and tweet it in use! Be sure to tag @SpanishPlans and Link to SpanishTeacherShop.com

8) Like us on Facebook

Get your entries in on our rafflecopter entry form.

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2 Responses to FVR Graphic Novel Giveaway

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love all these readers!

  2. Laura says:

    I love these stories. I’m moving towards full CI and TPRS and would use these so much in my classroom

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