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If you are a teacher who teaches with comprehensible input (TCI) and accepts the research of language acquisition, I find it helpful to explain the reasons for doing what we do in class to students. This helps them understand the process and to realize how we acquire languages. Many students come in to a language class with the expectations of memorizing vocabulary lists and studying grammar. By explaining how acquisition works, we get more buy in from students. Below are a list of language acquisition quotes that you can post a a “Acquisition Quote of the Week” and share with students.

Many of these quotes are from Stephen Krashen, and I strongly recommend reading any of his books or any of his research of language acquisition.

We do no acquire language by producing it; only by understanding it.
Those who read more read better, write better, have better vocabularies, spell better...
Beniko Mason reading quote
Students who had a pleasure reading habit easily outperformed those who were not readers on a test of reading and writing.  Picking up word meanings by reading is 10 times faster than intensive vocabulary instruction  We acquire language when we understand what we hear and read...

People acquiring a second language have the best chance for success through reading

You can find more Second Language Acquisition Quotes here.

For a PDF of the above to print out, download it now:  Language Acquisition Quotes Posters.

For Krashen Research Books:
Principles and Practice in Language Acquisition
The Power of Reading
The Natural Approach

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2 Responses to Language Acquisition Quote

  1. Walter tse says:

    don’t you find the way of comprehensible input in language acquisition still doesn’t work?
    because ” noticing ” and “understanding ” of language features doesn’t happen in that way.

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