Uploading to Lyrics Training

Yesterday, we showed you how to create your own cloze activities on LyricsTraining.com. But what if the song you want to use as an activity isn’t there? Well, it’s easy to add a song by adding your own lyrics and we’ll show you how.


  1. When you search the site be sure to check the “pending review” button to see if someone has already added the song.
  2. Under your name at the top right of the screen, click on “My Lyrics”. You can then click on “Add Lyrics”.
  3. On the left sidebar, “search videos” to find it on youtube. Click on it. It will insert the title name and artist. Then add the genre, language, and level.
  4. On the bottom, click on lyrics.
  5. Copy the lyrics from a lyric website. Click in the first space and paste the lyrics.
  6. As the video plays, click on the line right below the lyrics are sung in the video. If there is a pause between lines, add a blank line. Be sure to check your lyrics for accuracy and spelling as you go along.
  7. When you are finished, click on the “details” tab on the bottom and on the right change the status from “Draft” to “Pending Review”.
  8. You can now share that link with students and use it to create your own cloze activities.

The more views the song has, the better chance it will be reviewed sooner by the website and officially “published”. So share those links!

Tonight alone, we’ve added two sets of lyrics from our March Music Madness brackets.

Limonada by Kany Garcia
Andas en mi Cabeza by Chino y Nacho

We’ve also found the following that are pending review:

Quisiera by CNCO
Olvidame y Pega la vuelta por JLO y Marc Anthony
Carnaval por Maluma

Check out the other six that are already published on LT on the bottom of this post. That’s 11 out of 16 ready to use!

We encourage you to share lyrics that you have published with us in the comments section.


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2 Responses to Uploading to Lyrics Training

  1. I am so psyched you shared this resource! What a great way for kids to practice at home. Can you tell me how I can mark songs “favorites”? I can’t figure it out. Gracias!!

  2. Rita Rizmayer says:


    could you help me? I’ve just finished “La vita splendida”, I set the Pending Review mode, but I can not try, only tha first part of the song, not the entire. What should I do?

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