Resources: Day of the Dead and Halloween

It’s October, and if you’re a Spanish teacher that means getting ready for Halloween and the Day of the Dead. We’ve compiled some of the best resources around to give you a one stop shop for great teaching materials.


We’ve recently added 2 products featuring excerpts from a Colombian magazine. The first one talks about Hollywood stars such as Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga’s experiences with ghosts. The second one features teen asking questions about their fears with responses from the magazine. Each features questions so you can use print them and use them in your classes right away.

Spanish Halloween Activity      Phobias
Miedos Fobias Preview

This twiccionario de Zachary Jones features authentic tweets in Spanish about fears.


Our favorite reading has been this article from Univision that compares Halloween and Day of the Dead titled Calaveras contra calabazas.

This reading is in English, but it discusses Disney’s request to copyright the name “Day of the Dead” which may provoke some interesting discussion in class.

Chistes Graficos e Imagenes:

Dibuuuujo joke

The blog Confesiones y Realidades has composed a post of 15 comics including the one to

terapia para zombis

the right.

Day of the Dead Galleries: Look at pictures taken in Mexican cemeteries as people practice the traditions of Día de los Muertos.

2 Infographics, including one which compares Day of the Dead with Halloween.


Día de los Muertos video from (Download the script of this video).
Muertos Vivientes


Language Teachers’ Cafe blog has a post of 5 Ways to Celebrate Día de los Muertos.

The blog Teaching Spanish w/ Comprehensible Input has a list of 23+ Activities for Halloween and Day of the Dead

Thanks to a group of students part of the Creative Girls Adventure Book Club for finding and sharing this Day of the Dead Resource Guide with tons of great information. We are excited with their initiative to research this holiday and share what they have found for others to benefit from what they have found to be good information. Thanks girls and Lissy for letting me know about this great group of girls.

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