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We usually see quite a lot of traffic to our blog, most brought from sources such as Pinterest or google searches.

HowSpanish Teacher Blogever, we wanted to highlight some of the posts that have not seem substantial hits, that you may have missed! Today we bring you our Top 5 “Hidden Gems” posts that may be worth taking a look at. And if you enjoy the post, please share it on pinterest, facebook, or twitter so that others may benefit and it doesn’t remain so hidden. Check out our “secret” posts.

We love connecting with our students, and a lot of our students are into the genre of superheroes or look kindly on their childhood years when they were enthralled with characters such as Superman, Spiderman, or the X-Men. For this reason, we compiled some authentic resources in regards to this theme as well as a project that you can use for students to review previous vocabulary and learn some new description words as well.

Missing Person Descriptions
Why have your students describe random people from a textbook page when you can bring real life use of description words to your lesson? Missing people reports have all the necessary information we use to describe a person: hair color, eyes color, skin color, height, weight, among other descriptors. Students can even figure out new vocabulary through context. What more could we ask for?

Curious Culture Tidbits 
When I travel abroad, I love taking note of the little things that make each culture unique and how it compares to US customs and tradition. Students enjoy hearing about these stories as well. This tiny tidbits of culture open up students mind as well as their perspective on the world. This blog posts talks about how landmarks are used to give directions in Costa, what Colombians use to eat fried chicken, and other interesting facts.

We’ve debated using vosotros, but in this blog post we talk about using the voseo form, which many students do not realize exists even though its use is probably great than vosotros, as it is used in several countries in Central and South American. We even provide some authentic resources of comics and advertisements from Argentina that utilize the vos form.

Tellagami app in Spanish class
A fun app that students can record a short sound clip with an animation. Take a look at how we used this app with our student example.

Honorable Mentions:

We couldn’t just stick to five! We found some other posts that probably deserve a look:

Putting sentence strips in order Activities

A music tournament assignment

Ditching the Verb Chart

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