iPads for Spanish

Links and resources for using iPads in the Spanish class.

No Hay Dinero Chiste
*While we thought “dinero” was a well known Spanish word in English, most students nowadays seem to think it means “dinner”.  ¡Ay caramba!

If students are going to be using iPads in class, they are going to need some necessary vocabulary in order to follow directions:

iPad Vocabulary in Spanish

Students need more terms? We wrote a whole post with technology words.

Posts on iPads:

Additional Resources:

  • Digitally Speaking“: a presentation by Ritzy Language at the 2012 ACTFL Conference with many great resources to ‘enhance speaking in the foreign language classroom’  using technology.
  • Teaching Spanish w/Comprehensible Spanish has a ton of posts with ideas on using apps.
  • Sra. Spanglish Rides Again shows us how to make a soundboard using glogster.

Apps for Spanish Classroom:


Ipad Lessons for Spanish

1 Response to iPads for Spanish

  1. kfarmerron says:

    Hola! I am thrilled to have found your website! I want to make a couple of observations that I hope is ok. First, I love the iPads for Spanish cartoon, so cute! Second, regarding the necessary vocabulary list for using iPads, I think the use of borrar and eliminar is opposite than what is listed. “Borrar” should be erase and “eliminar”, like “eliminate,” should be delete.

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