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With the release of a new graphic novel and November being the month to show thanks, we wanted to host a giveaway for Spanish teachers. One of the best things about Graphic Novels or Comic books is that the illustrations are a huge aid to comprehension. Also the willingness to read typically skyrockets which means we get to provide our students with enjoyable input, a key component to any FVR time.

So without further ado, let’s see what you can win:

Grand Prize:

Set of 5 Graphic Novels, a $50 value, which include:

1. Senor Wooly’s latest graphic novel “Me Llamo Victor, Parte 1″, 106 pages”
2. Senor Wooly’s “La Casa de la Dentista” 114 pages
3. Toy Story 4, La Novela Gráfica, 48 pages *
4. Coco, el comic, 334 pages *
5. Los héroes mas poderosos de la Tierra: AVENGERS, #2 *
bonus: digital copies of  our “El Tigre Tiene Hambre” and “Miguel tiene que Estudiar” illustrated readers

*These 3 titles were bought in Colombia and unlikely to be found in the U.S.

2nd place:

2 books that are perfect for intermediate students, from the Quién Fue series:

1. ¿Quién fue Pablo Picasso?
2. ¿Quién fue Martin Luther King, Jr.?




For additional graphic novels, you can find the following titles on Amazon:  (Disclosure: these are amazon affiliate links, and we only receive a referral if you check out immediately following a click). As of 11/13, these titles range are priced at $5.95 or less.

  1. Cenicienta: La Novela Gráfica
  2. Hansel y Greta
  3. La Bella y la Bestia
  4. Rumpelstiltskin
  5. Caperucita Roja



Ok, so how can we win?

We have lots of opportunities for you to enter, so choose as many (or as few as you want). This contest will run until Friday, November 22, 2019.




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8 Responses to Graphic Giveaway

  1. Dana says:

    I have been building a FVR library in my Spanish 1 & 2 high school classroom the last 5 years. I struggle to have enough variety for the novice-mids, as well as those who do not see themselves as readers in any language. These graphic novels will be an appreciated addition to the library.

  2. mrssraj says:

    This is great! Independent reading is a perfect way for kids to build their skills on their own terms.

  3. Tarrah White says:

    Would love to get these novels!

  4. Thank you for sharing and the giveaway opportunity! I’ve heard of “”Me llamo Víctor” and would love that graphic novel set for my level ones. Although we have a Sr. Wooley set of “La Casa de la Dentista,” I don’t think they’re ready for all of its vocabulary.

  5. Theresa Jensen says:

    My students are OBSESSED with graphic novels. Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. I am really interested in the first set! I’m interested to see what this Coco graphic novel looks like and pretty much anything graphic novel-esque. Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Graciana says:

    We’re starting our FVR library and have few level-appropriate books. This set would give us an awesome boost! Thank you for the chance!

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