Essay in Spanish with Rubric

This past week we finally watched the 3rd video of Senor Wooly’s epic Victor Trilogy (Guapo, La Confesión de Victor, Feo). I also needed to get a summative-type assessment grade in the gradebook, so I decided to try something new and see what my students could do. After sharing the results on twitter, I’ve had several requests for the rubric, which I will share below.I didn’t want my students to just re-tell the stories and I also wanted to challenge them to Level Up their Language. So I made my prompt simple yet challenging by asking them to analyze. This was either going to be super difficult for my students, or they were going to impress me. Luckily, they knocked it out of the ballpark by showing me what they could do with their own language.

When we have realistic expectations of what a novice student can do as opposed to an intermediate student and when we focus on COMMUNICATION as the goal of writing as oppossed to perfect grammar, we can celebrate our students’ succcess.

Here was the prompt for my students and well as several examples:


You will notice that I make very few, if any, corrections, on their grammar or spelling. I also underline or circle sentences that were well written, creative, or otherwise impressed me. I would also stamp their work with any of these 3 stamps, new from
I also had the students tell me what they wanted feedback one so I could personalize their feedback and I made an effort to write a comment on what each student did well in their writing.


Here is a copy of the Google Doc Rubric. You are welcome to “Make a copy” and edit.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the rubric, please post them in the comments. I certainly don’t claim to be a great rubric writer and am always looking for ways to improve.

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4 Responses to Essay in Spanish with Rubric

  1. How do you quantify this? Do you enter 100, 90, 80, or 70 in grade book? I love the idea of this AND I have to enter a numerical grade. That’s the portion I struggle with. Can you elaborate or point me to a post where you’ve already done so? Thanks for sharing!

  2. SpanishPlans says:

    This particular rubric is 20 pts,
    10 for Exceeds Expectations, 9 for Meets, 8 for Approaches, and 7 for Below. The lowest they can get is a 65%.

    Other rubric/grading posts:

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