Papel Picado Bulletin Board

Most teachers will use paper from the butcher paper roll to use as a background for their Spanish Bulletin Board alternativesto their room, we have some classy alternatives in mind:bulletin boards. I don’t blame them: it’s available and it’s easy. Most schools provide this paper to teaches, so it’s an affordable option. For those who are looking to add a little flair

Discloser: The links to Amazon products are affiliate links. If you are interested in purchasing, please purchase in the same session you click on the link. (This helps us support our classroom FVR!)

Papel Picado:

9 images in 15 feet: Cut this Banner into individual  panels. Each panel is between 17-18 inches long x 13 inches wide, a total of 15 feet. Plastic Papel Picado Banner is handmade by artisans in Mexico. Paper Full of Wishes brings you beautiful authentic Mexican Papel Picado with designs that are exclusively designed by us.
Or, save 30% on a 3 pack, which would be 45 feet in total, or 27 individual frames.

14 x 84 Serape Table Runner: Can be used as a table runner, string it up above a bulletin board or chalk board, hang it down vertically from the ceiling and pin things to it.   Day of the Dead papel picado

Another design with 20 total panels.

Day of the Dead Theme (15 feet)


Wrapping Paper and Table Cloths:

You can probably go to the dollar store or party store and find some colorful options. I usually buy a solid color plastic tablecloth from the dollar store and it is so easy to put up.  or if you are seeking a specific theme, check these out:

A roll of serape-colored wrapping papera larger gift wrapping paper roll, with the size of 27.5 inches width X 16.4 feet length (total of 37.5 sq ft.)

Dia de los Muertos 24″x6″ gift wrap

They don’t yet have Coco gift wrap, but cut out these Coco gift bags to use.

14 x 84 Serape Table Runner: Can be used as a table runner, string it up above a bulletin board or chalk board, hang it down vertically from the ceiling and pin things to it.
Full Serape 6’x3′


Posters:Posters from

Coco: 6 pictures sized 8×10
Coco Movie Poster: size 24″x36″
Miguel y Dante poster: 22″ x 34″ Posters
Frida Kahlo poster 24″36


Easy to decorate with 3″ x 5″ flags of Spanish Speaking Countries:

Puerto Rico

What to put on your bulletin boards? Get out our new Word Wall Labels and our New Spanish Rejoinder Word Wall.

Check out our other Bulletin Board products on TeachersPayTeachers.

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