TPRS Curriculum Year 1

Over the summer, I had time to organize the stories I teach. I was able to a document the story, its targeted vocabulary structures, grammar pop-ups and even cultural notes.
Plan your TPRS curriculum this with google docThis is for an 8th grade (second year of level 1), however it is the first year they use learn through storytelling.

You will see a mix of Senor Wooly, MovieTalks, and well as stories I’ve written myself. You can check out this google doc and make a copy for your own editing purposes.

Spanish 1B Curriculum
Obviously, this is a work in progress, but hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own classroom.
And even though its 100% storytelling, I went through the high school curriculum my students feed in to and I “cover” all the topics that they do with their textbook.

About SpanishPlans

Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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2 Responses to TPRS Curriculum Year 1

  1. This is a helpful post! Having a bit of trouble opening the Google doc, but I’m clearing cookies and browsing data to see if that helps.

    Two questions:

    1) So you do targeted input I assume. Have you had discussions with non-targeted input proponents? Or do you do a mix of targeted input and non-targeted input?

    2) I see that you have “pop-up” planned. Have you done any other posts on the nature of this planned pop-up (which seems like an oxymoron)?

    Love following your stuff!

    • spanishplans says:

      To be honest, the pop-ups aren’t really planned. Those are just some of things that you *could* talk about. It is really just an outline. There are probably other things that “pop up” during the lesson.

      Personally, I do more targeted than non-targeted, but of course there are always things that come up that I don’t target that are part of a story.

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