Tone Reading

The following is another CI activity that you can use with a chapter reading or with random sentences using a targeted structure. This activity gets in extra reps of the phrases in an engaging and fun manner, which is really the key; trick students into hearing the same phrases without getting bored.

If you are using a novel in your class, you can also use this activity: Type the phrase and have students match it to the correct character and then write the translation.
Tone Reading

If you need a fun way to use this, try our emoji cards, which incorporates 20 different Emoji Dialogue Cardstones.

Have two bowls: 1 filled with quotes, 1 filled with emotion/tones. Students select one from each box and read that particular quote in the identified tone.

Use with:
1. Whole class: 1 set of cards, 1 students selects a card and the whole class listens/guesses
2. Partners: Set of cards for ½ of the class. Students read quotes to each other.
3. Team: 1 set of cards: Two teams. Team gets 1 guess of which tone person is using. Point for correct answer.

Get your ready to use set now:


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1 Response to Tone Reading

  1. Angie Torre says:

    Love the idea of reading the different, “dice” phrases with different emotions!!!

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