Celebrity Face Masks

Oh my god, you guys!! Look who visited my class today! juanes-mask

I had my fan girl moment as Juanes was part of our class story. We’ve also had visits previously from Beyonce (not Bey-doce or Bey-trece), John Cena, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kanye West. But you are in luck. You can have them visit your classroom too….Get your own “Cara Corral” by downloading our Celebrity Face Masks on our FREEBIES celebrity-facemaskspage and printing it out.

Your student interest in your class story will instantly rise once they see a celebrity they know.

And the first 20 people to download our masks and post a picture of the masks in use on Twitter or Instagram and tagging us, will be entered to win our MOVIETALK BUNDLE (a $22 dollar value that sells for $18.)

*Your instagram/twitter feed needs to be public (not private) and you must tag @SpanishPlans to be entered to win. The winner will be tagged in a post on twitter/instagram with their username and will receive the product by email. The winner will be announced December 22. Posts must be made before the end of December 21 (ET) to be eligible.

Who are your students’ favorite celebrities? What is your go-to person to add to a story? Tell us about the success (or failures) you’ve had using celebrity faces in your classes.

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1 Response to Celebrity Face Masks

  1. I’ve used a lot of Harry Potter faces; kids love to be Prof Snape! I’ve also used several Avengers including Cap, Iron Man, and Black Widow.

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