Stocking the Spanish Classroom: What supplies to order

Whether you are starting at a new job, opening a new school, opening a Spanish department, or just getting ready for next year, lots of teachers are looking for suggestions of what are must haves for teachers. If have a budget to spend for your department, here are some suggestions:


  1. Subscription to
  2. Novels from
  3. Lesson Plans from Somos Curriculum or subscription to Garbanzo
  4. Mini-White Boards / Personal Dry Erase Boards  or SmartPals Sleeves
  5. Props: Plastic foods, puppets, Mr. Potato Head for body parts unit, Guess Who Games for practicing descriptions  (Some of these you can probably find at garage sales or second-hand retail shops)
  6. a lot of awesome ready to use lessons tested by actual teachers. Did you know they accept purchase orders?

1. Computer Projector or Document CameraSpanish class supply order
2. Digital Recorders
3. Earbuds for students
4. Music Player (Stereo) or Speakers for Computer to play audio activities
5. Teacher Account for

Classroom Decor:

1. Posters from SpanishTeacherShop
2. Postcards from MisNopalesArt

Teacher Supply List:

  1. Card Stock (good way to copy durable printables to use year after year)
  2. Magnets, Magnets, Magnets
  3. StikkiClips, if you want to hang up posters, these seem to be the best
  4. Small Hooks to hang up pictures
  5. Rubber Country Stamps from SpanishTeacherShop. You can also use a purchase order to buy these.
  6. Feedback stamps for grading.
    New Feedback stamps
  7. Everyday supplies: pens, pencils, stapler, scissors, pencil sharpener.

Student Supply List:
1.  Folder to store handouts
2. Their own dry erase marker
3. Scissors, Tape, Gluesticks for Interactive Notebooks (or order a class set)
4. Earbuds (if access to technology such as Tablets/Computers)

What would you add to the list? Tell us what supply you can’t live without in the comments below!

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Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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  1. I have been scanning the web in search of ideas. The teachers at my school have been invited to apply for a grant for $2500 to “implement innovative ideas”. I know a good idea when I hear it, but am not very creative in coming up with the plan. Do you have any thoughts?

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