Adivina Quien Guess Who Spanish game

I know many teachers would love to play the game Guess Who in Spanish to practice descriptions in their early level classes. Teacher’s Catalogue’s offer the game Guess Who or the Spanish vesion Adivina Quién for $25-35 dollars. I don’t know any teacher who could afford to pay that price to stock a class set.

Guess Who game

Why pay $35, when you can get it for $1.

However, if you are a garage-sale scavenger, you can usually pick up a used game for between 50 cents and a 2 dollars. (Who needs the Spanish version, anyway? It’s just a different box) Or hit up your local Goodwill store to look for the same deals. Another idea, if you have a color copier or printer, take the faces from an actual gameboard, place them face down on a copier or scanner, and print off a class set, laminate them, and you can have students use dry-erase markers to “X” off the people.

Now, that you’ve got your class set of 10 games, what’s the easiest way to ensure your students use their Spanish vocabulary to play the game? This cheat sheet allows students to make sure they are using the correct vocabulary. Best of all, it doesn’t feature any English. Using pictures, students associate the Spanish words with the actual meaning.

Guess Who Cheat Sheet SpanishReady to print! Print as many pages as you need, laminate and use over and over again. You can’t beat the price for its value! Print as many as you need, you won’t find this value in any teacher’s catalog.

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2 Responses to Adivina Quien Guess Who Spanish game

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you for sharing your cheat sheet! This is helpful 🙂

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