Promoting Performance

In a performance and proficiency based classroom, students coming from traditional classroom needs some guidance. Musicuento uses an example of a “Talking about a taco” to show the different proficiency levels.

Can you use singular words to talk about a taco? Can you uses phrases? Can you use whole sentences? These are all part of performance of a language from novice low to novice high.

This year I’ve been using this image I found online from the Shelby County Schools. They also have a cute “Path To Proficiency” image as well. I used the poster maker at my school to make a large version to hang up on my wall. On performance assessments, I’ll write the quote “How many scoops will you use?” and sometimes may add a small ice cream cone clipart.

Performance Assessment Ice Cream ScoopsI like using this image to challenge my students to how many scoops they will use. We talk about the metaphor that the more scoops your ice cream cone has, the better it will be. The more language they use on their performance tasks, the more language they are showing me they can use. This also involves a bit of risk taking as well. The more scoops you stack, your cone may become a bit more wobbly, but it is worth the risk because you are going to have more ice cream. You may end up with some ice cream around your mouth as it may get a little “messy”, but it is worth it! If you are only going to use 1 scoop, it might be very stable, but not at all rewarding.

What are the sprinkles on top of the ice cream that is really going to make you happy?

I also challenge my students with a 5 point scale that I hang up in my classroom with example sentences for this “communication rubric”.

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  1. This is GREAT !Any chance I can get this in an editable form? I would love to fix a small error I see…

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