Lyrics Training

If you like using music in your class as much as I do (13 posts tagged Música), then you may be interested in checking out  It’s essentially an online cloze Using Lyrics Training for Spanish classactivity that uses the music video in the background. You can select level of difficulty or even use it for karaoke!

I recently created 4 lyric training activities using my new favorite artist, Raquel Sofia. You can practice the lyrics to her songs Cada Día, Samba, La Ecuación, and Agridulce. These songs are fantastic for early level and intermediate Spanish classes.

Cloze activity Lyrics Training Raquel Sofia

You can search the site for hundreds of Spanish songs. And if they don’t have the lyrics to your favorite song, you can create your own very easily.

Don’t have access to technology? Nothing wrong with using paper and pencil to fill in the lyrics. Try some of our ready-to-download music lessons including a free activity for Raquel Sofia’s Agridulce.
Agridulce Song Spanish Class

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1 Response to Lyrics Training

  1. Cynthia Gedra says:

    Gracias por esta actividad. Me gusta!

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