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As summer nears, we bring you our top pictures that have been pinned and repinned on pinterest. If you are not using pinterest yet, what are you waiting for? It has become a great way to teachers to get ideas on everything from classroom decoration, organization, lesson plans, activities, and much more. Join our 500 other followers and start re-pinning these great ideas for your Spanish class!

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10. Spanish Sqworl
Over 90 websites with ideas, resources, games, readings, and more to use in your Spanish class. Organized on our Spanish Sqworl. Also check out our Tech Tools Sqworl.
Hundreds of links for Spanish Teachers

9. Cognate Word Wall
Last January we wrote about our Spanish cognate word wall that we post as our classroom bulletin board. When reading, students can add a new word to the wall by using a sentence strip post-it.

8. Guess Who Spanish Student Assistance Sheet
Students can use this print-off to help them form the questions with the correct vocabulary. Perfect game to practice descriptions!
Adivina Quien Preguntas

7. Facebook Personal A
How do you get kids to remember to put the ‘personal a’ in front of forms of gusta? Easy, you show them authentic examples from their favorite website, facebook.
Using A with me gusta

And speaking of facebook, have you checked out our new “Me Gusta” Stamp?

6. Conversation Cards
Get your beginning Spanish students talking! Over 300 questions for your students to ask and respond to. 31 pages for Level 1 Cards and 28 pages for Level 2 Cards with 6 “cards” on a page to cut out. Click the image to download the free preview or to purchase the cards on CD.

See the top five…

5. Hand Cut out
Students love to make graphic organizers and our favorite is the Hand Verb, which is a great visual for conjugations. Click the image below to see our post with even more graphic organizers for Spanish.
Hand Conjugation

4. Modern Family, Family Tree
One of the most search terms leading to our site is “spanish family tree” “Modern Family family tree” and “The Simpsons family tree in Spanish”. We made a post where you can download these images, and be sure it is also a top ranked post!

3. Star Wars “papa” Comic
“El ataque de la gramática
Lucas, Yo soy tu papá
Lucas, yo soy tu papa
Lucas, mijo, yo soy el Papa”
Purchase one for your bulletin board.
Star Wars in Spanish

2. Teaching Spanish Emotions
An engaging way to have kids use the adjectives for estar is to write their name on a post-it note and put it on a poster of emotions. Read more about it on our post from last summer.
Feelings and Estar

1. De Que Me Sirve La Vida:
Read one of our most popular blog posts about how to use this song and video by Mexican group Camila in your classroom. We have taken screen shots of the video, which show encouraging and tolerance-teaching messages such as the one below.

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  1. I love the idea of playing Spanish Guess who! I wish we did that when I was in Spanish class 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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