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Spanish 1 Teaching Resource Guide Book:  A Teacher’s Guide
Pages: 53
You won’t find a collection of this many classroom tried and tested materials for level 1 in once place for this price! A must have for student teachers and first and second year teachers.
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Spanish Bell WorkOver 100 Bell Ringers
A Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow of 100 different bell ringer activities to use to start your Spanish class. These Spanish 1 concepts review material and are a great way to get the class started. You can certainly adapt any slide to your own preferences. Includes some culturally rich backgrounds on the slides as well.

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Spanish Projects: 15 Projects for Level 1
Pages: 24
Includes projects for: Practicing Vocabulary, Animal Description, School Unit, Food Unit, Menu, Family Album, House unit, Body Part, Commands, Doctor Skit, Daily Routine skit, Clothing unit, Advice Unit, Past Tense and Country Research. Rubrics included for majority of projects.
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Spanish Conversation Cards:
Pages: 60 total
Get your beginning Spanish students talking! Over 300 questions for your students to ask and respond to. 32 pages for Level 1 Cards and 28 pages for Level 2 Cards with 6 “cards” on each page to cut out.

A great lesson to have students orally respond to questions. Can be used in pairs, small groups, or as a whole-class activity. Can even be used as review for Spanish 3 class as well. Click here for product preview.

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12.8 MB of over 40 files for your Spanish class to help your students conjugate verbs in level one.
Includes multiple files for:
-Teaching Subject Pronouns
-Conjugating AR Verbs
-Conjugating Stem Change Verbs
-Tener and Estar Expressions
-Conjugating Preterite Tense
-Verb Word Wall

Save yourself the time and trouble of creating all these files. These files are ready to print and copy for your classes! All files have been classroom tested.
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Speaking Activities
Pages: 19
Over 13 Speaking Activities to get your Spanish students talking and conversing in the language. Includes: Surveys and Questionnaires to ask their classmates, questions on notecards, and 5 pre-made activities for arranging partners.

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Comida Unit
11 files necessary to teaching any food unit. Includes vocabulary powerpoint presentation, worksheets/assessments, Bingo game, info-gap activities, and final project with rubric.

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Games & Other Engaging Activities CD
-Body Parts Drawing
-Body Parts Project
-Comida Bingo Game
-Comida Communicative Activity
-Prepositions of Location Unit
-Spanish Class Ice Breakers
– Ser + Adjective Flashcard Game
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Reflexive Verb & Ser/Estar Units CD:
Includes our 2 most complete units on two of the most difficult subjects for Spanish students. Our reflexive verb unit offers 22 pages of notes and activities. Our ser/estar unit offers a 19 page unit lesson plan including guided notes, worksheets, and more.

Guess Who Cheat Sheet

Adivina Quien Cheat SheetA cheat sheet to print out for students to use to help facilitate language while playing “¿Adivina Quién?” or “Guess Who” in Spanish. Includes all the necessary adjectives students need to use to be able to play the game. Purchase entitles buyers for use in personal classroom only, but you can make as many copies as you need for your own classes

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Spanish Facebook Profile ProjectFacebook Profile Project
Students can create their own ‘Facebook’ profile page that describes themselves in Spanish. This ‘perfil’ will include students writing about themselves, giving:
name, origin, birthday, favorite activities, hobbies, movies, tv shows, comments from ‘friends’ and more. Includes list for common vocabulary/terminology used by Facebook as well as a list of Spanish texting abbreviations.

Includes a Editable Word Template and a PDF template of both a PROFILE and a NEWSFEED page.  Download Preview now.

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Spanish Speaking Country Project:
Groups will research a Hispanic country in South or Central America. The student project includes a presentation board, map, travel brochure, and flag. Rubric is detailed but this Spanish Research Projectproduct includes a PDF and a Word file so the buyer can EDIT any part of the project or rubric to their satisfaction.

This project is great for middle school or high school Spanish classes looking to teach about the countries and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Also contains a shorter, one page project outline for research and an additional 1 page project for planning a trip to a particular country. (also included on 15 Spanish Projects CD above)

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