Spanish Powerpoints

Our Top Spanish Powerpoints para la clase de Espanol


Affirmative Informal Commands Powerpoint Notes

  • 8 Slide PowerPoint introducing and teaching Informal Affirmative Commands / Positive Tú Commands in your Spanish 1 or 2 class
    Sure to grab the attention of your students and present this topic with ease. Teaches not only regular commands, but reviews stem change verbs, and teachers the irregular commands (Pon, Ten, Ven, and 5 others)

Expresate Chapter 6 Food Vocab Presentation

  • Notes on Food, 23 slides with pictures of food


PROMPTS for Whiteboards/GAMES

Subject Pronouns Practice on Powerpoint

  • 28 slides with a list of names. Click to show the answer of the subject pronoun equivalent. Example) “Becky y tú” –> “Ustedes”
    Makes for great practice before a quiz or test on subject pronouns. Students love to answer these on individual whiteboards! Why spend the hour creating your own powerpoint when you can buy this one for around 1 dollar and use it year and year.

Direct Object Pronoun Practice Spanish

  • Great Review for Direct Object Pronouns (DOP).
    I have the students use individual whiteboards to write their answers. There are 21 slides on this PowerPoint with a sentence and the students must rewrite the sentence replacing the direct object with a direct object pronoun (lo, la, los, las).
    By clicking on the slide, the direct object will be removed (with a black line) and another click will make the DOP appear.

Ser Estar Practice Review Powerpoint Whiteboards

  • 36 slides, Fill in the blank with correct form of ser or estar



Spanish Bell Ringers / warm ups / Class starters / Bell work

  • A Microsoft POWERPOINT slide show of 39 different bell ringer activities to use to start your Spanish class. These Spanish 1 concepts review material and are a great way to get the class started. You can certainly adapt any slide to your own preferences. Includes some culturally rich backgrounds on the slides as well.

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  1. Makes for great practice before a quiz or test on subject pronouns. Students love to answer these on individual whiteboards!

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