Ser and Estar Resources

To be or not to beSer and Estar Worksheets, Lessons, Resources

Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: Spanish (19 pages)

  • One of our BEST SELLERS:Ser Estar Unit
    Teaching Ser and Estar (level I and II) through a 19 page document. Included are an ID badge, 7 page guided notes packet, over four pages of worksheets, and a quiz. Answers to guided notes included. This is a PDF and not editable. Explains specific uses of each verb and how meaning can change if the verb is switched (Estoy aburrido vs. Soy aburrido)

Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: Spanish (19 pages) Editable

  • This is a Microsoft Word File: for a few dollars more, have the ability to edit and modify vocabulary and sentences so they fit your chapter’s current theme.

Ser Estar Practice Review Powerpoint Whiteboards

  • 36 slides for Ser Estar. Each slide features a sentence missing the form of ser or estar. Click for answer to appear. Great review for day before quiz or test. Great activity for students to quick assessment as students can write their answers on individual whiteboards.

Ser Estar study sheet cheat sheet BOOKMARKSSer Estar Study Guide Print your own

  • Print off your own bookmarks to give to students for them to use during the Ser and Estar Unit. Two page document so you can print the front and back of the bookmark.
    It works best if you print on cardstock paper (only a few dollars at your local office supply store) so they are nice and sturdy. Otherwise, print on colored paper and then laminate.  Each page you print will produce 5 bookmarks. Cut along the line marked at the top and bottom of the first page.  Great resource for students to complete their homework. You can reprint a set every year to give to every student! Great value!


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