De compras class activity

This week, as part of the clothing/shopping unit, we went shopping! I had students explore a real Mexican department store and let them browse on their own for a while before I put them to the task of helping me look for gifts for my family.

I projected a screen with an item that I was looking for with a description of them person and their likes/dislikes and certain things that I was looking for about the item.

Students then looked through the website to find the perfect item. As I walked around the classroom and students would show me the items they found, I would be able to discuss in the target language with them. I could comment things like “Oh, he doesn’t like shirts that have letters on them” or “That shirt is short sleeve, she is always cold, she needs long sleeves” or “I love that, but it’s a bit expensive, I’m looking for something cheaper” or “I don’t think that they will like that style. They prefer something more casual”. Students competed with their classmates to see who could fit the best item. It was a totally fun, engaging, and authentic lesson.

If you want a ready-to-use lesson with descriptions for 6 family members, we’ve published it at TpT. It was a perfect complement to our shopping unit, but I think it’s a great review to practice numbers (prices), clothing words, descriptions, and just provide great input and discussion during the time of year when looking for a gift for someone is a real-life scenario.

If you want 3 activities to use throughout the whole unit, check out our Ropa / De Compras Bundle:

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