Don’t Miss Your Chance

With March Music Madness less than 1 month away, we’d like to remind teachers of a few things.

  • The bracket is available to print. You can also start playing the songs from the playlist as students enter the class or if they are working during class time. Don’t mention that the songs are part of next month’s tournament. Just let them beat slowly creep into their heads. If they are like me, it takes a few listens to a song before I start to like it.
  • Join our collaborative group on Facebook. We are currently at 400 teachers ready to share tips, resources, and more. If you are part of the group already, please invite your colleagues to the group.
  • Our lesson plan is on sale. And there is no better time than TpT’s site-wide sale to save (Tuesday and Wednesday) to take advantage. While there is no purchase necessary to participate in the tournament, we’ve spent dozens of hours getting things ready and this product offers some really cool strategies that you can use with any song (and we’ve got 8 ready to use ones too!)
  • If you are wondering what this is all about, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our Mania Musical de Marzo.

Start Filling out those Brackets

We will again be sponsoring and hosting a contest for teachers with some great prizes. All you need to do is to submit your bracket predictions on this form. Prizes will be awarded for the most points and most correct predictions. Only teachers are eligible to participate in this form, [we have a form that you can use with students in our TpT Product]

More specific prize information to come!

March Music Madnes Bracket Challenge Click image enter your picks



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