March Music Madness 2020 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions 

This annual competition is held every March and features 16 songs from the previous year. For each bracket, students listen to two songs and vote for their favorite. The song March Music Madness FAQwith the most votes moves on in the tournament.

Students can vote online at SpanishPlans.org/mmm20/vote


When does this start?
The 2020 tournament starts on Monday, March 2nd  and runs through Friday, March 20th.
MMM20 Calendar

How do I participate?
Download the official bracket from SpanishPlans.org/mmm20. You can pass these out to students. Each day in class play the songs for that day’s bracket and have your students vote for their favorite. A link with a playlist of the songs will also be posted.

For the first round, I personally do not show the official video, as I want the students to focus on the music/song itself and not vote based on the video. You can choose to show the lyric video instead?

Are these songs appropriate?
The songs have been screened for their appropriateness for a school setting. That being said, you should preview the song before to make sure it is appropriate for your particular school setting. All videos should be appropriate for most school settings, however, you will want to screen any videos before showing them in your classroom.

Do I have to vote online?
Online polls will be set up so that students can vote with their peers across the nation. Voting will be conducted through an online poll so all votes must be entered from an internet-connected device.

Teachers may direct students to the voting page or you will be able to send them a direct link to the poll. You might send this link to students via email, your own website, sharing the url in class, or posting to a class management sites like Google Classroom.

Students find it motivating to vote when they are voting with a national audience. However, you could also vote in class and choose the winning some from your own classes/students. You can also do both and compare your classes tally with the national poll.

Do I have to follow the same schedule?
No, you can choose your own schedule, however, the “official” winner, as voted on by our national poll, will be determined by the end of the 2nd day of the poll.

If you choose not to participate in our nationwide vote and do it on your own, here are two alternative schedules that you might consider for your classroom:
Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 9.54.16 AMScreen Shot 2020-01-21 at 5.16.57 PM
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How long will the polls be open?
The polls will be left open for teachers who are not following the official schedule on the exact same schedule, but the official winner will be determined by the number of votes received at the end of the second day.

Do I need to buy anything?March Musica Madness 2020 SpanishPlans
Nope. Participation in the tournament is completely free as teachers can download the bracket, access a playlist, and vote all on our website. We do offer a product that includes all the printable materials (brackets), as well as full lyrics for all songs, and 8 ready-to-use activities for 8 of this year’s song. We also give you 18 ideas on creating your own activities for ANY song, whether for this tournament or at any point of the year. If you participants and want to support us, you can purchase our product on TpT.

Oh yes! We are hosting a contest open to teachers only. Before the tournament starts, teachers can submit their predictions on which songs they think will win. No purchase is necessary for teachers to participate in the tournament or the contest.
If you wish to do prediction brackets with your own students, we have a survey that is included in our March Music Madness 2020 packet, which you can purchase.


For any additional questions please ask below, or post on our Facebook group, or on any of our social media @spanishplans.