FVR Reading Log

One new thing that I implemented this year with FVR was a reading log. On one side of the sheet of paper I have all the books listed and on the other side is a chart that students can use to keep track of what page number they left off on. The following week, they can check their log and pick up on the page they left off, and when they are done, they can put a checkmark or write the date they finish.

As we come back from winter break, I have a new updated sheet for my students. This includes a tracking of the number of books they read each trimester as well as a place to count the number of words they read in Spanish.

I am posting what it looks like. You are welcome to make a copy of this document and edit it based on the books in your classroom. (Click on image, and then make a copy). This sheet is the only “accountability” factor that needs to result from FVR. But I think it also serves as a way for students to track their growth in reading.

You can find more tools for FREE VOLUNTARY READING on our FVR page, including a free toolkit.

FVR Spanish list

You’ll notice in the image above that my classroom list includes a denotation for audiobooks that I have as well as a section for mini-booklets that I have created or purchased on TeachersPayTeachers, including our very own Miguel Tiene que Estudiar and Erika y su unicornio. and our FVR booklets.

On this page, students write the book they are reading and then the page number they leave off on. They can continue to use the same row for each date that they read that book. This is the first time I am included a section for number of words. My thought is that students will be motiviated by seeing how many words they have read– we shall see.

I’ve already created this Google Survey to have students complete at the end of trimester/semester to review what books they have read. This will be an easy way for me to keep track of what books students are reading and which books they like best. If a students rates a book, it means they have read it.

You can see what our survey looks like and create your own, by adding books you have and deleting the ones you don’t.  I’ll have a new post in January with student feedback.

FVR survey tracking

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  1. tarafarah7 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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