If you aren’t convinced you need to incorporate reading, just listen to the students. Here’s what mine said about FVR.

YouTube Tutorials:
(1-4 minutes each)

  • FVR Introduction
  • Creating your own FVR Booklets
  • Creating a glossary for texts
  • Printing your own booklets
  • FVR accountability and ratings
  • FVR recommendations
  • Using MovieTalks as FVR readers
  • Using student created comics in your FVR
  • Building your FVR library for free



FVR with Audiobooks: A blog post about using the audiobooks along with the text.

How to create and print your own glossary: Have a great book that doesn’t include a reader. Make a book more comprehensible for your students by giving them a glossary of necessary vocabulary.

Making Children’s Books more comprehensible: You might not need a full glossary, so here’s an easy way to create a one-page glossary for texts.

A list of language learner books for level 1 with unique word counts and total words. Levels are arbitrarily separated by my own perceived level of difficulty, but you can make a copy of this google doc and edit it to include the books you have available in your FVR library. New Updated version with a cleaner look.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Check out our recommendations of readers for novice students plus what authentic children’s books are comprehensible for language learners? We also link a great series for Intermediate students.


Blog Posts on FVR:

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