COCO now available

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Disney-Pixar movie Coco in theatres, and know what a great movie it is and how it honors the Mexican culture and gives insight into Day of the Dead. I know many teachers have been waiting for it’s release on Blu-Ray and DVD. It’s out now….Get it on Amazon.

(Edit: It turns out that this version may not have Spanish audio. Be sure to check if you are looking for that feature).

English Books:

Disney/Pixar Coco: The Story of the Movie in Comics

Coco: The Junior Novelization


As I wait for the ability to buy Spanish books from this libro de la vida novelizacionmovie, I have found a novel in Spanish about the movie A Book of Life: La Novelización. If you are using FVR and teaching with CI, this book is ready for students who are advanced in level 2, otherwise is perfect for level 3 and 4.





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