Facebook Project Giveaway

Our Spanish Facebook Profile Project is one of our best sellers. And according to the reviews, it’s not only a hit with teachers, but students love it too. And it’s no wonder. Students not only create their own Facebook profile page, but also a newsfeed with posts from their “friends” as well as a notification page, just like facebook.

Also included is a list of common “text-talk”: abbreviations native speakers use when texting. Such as “a2” for “adiós”. French Facebook Project

So we are excited to announce that we now have a French version of this project. And you could win either one of these versions on our Facebook giveaway.

All you need to do is to go to our Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/SpanishPlans and tag a French teacher in the comments of our most recent post. The people you tag will be eligible to win the French version and anyone who tags (that’s you!) is entered to win the French OR Spanish version.

For more French resources, check out our French page.


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Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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