React in Spanish

Something I wish I would have done at the beginning of the year: Put a sheet of common Spanish expression on the students’ desks. Having them on each students desk or table, Spanish Expressions on Desksas opposed to a poster, makes it very handy to students to reference. I include common questions that students ask, as well as a list of reactions. The reactions, such as “¿En serio?” and “Guácala” are a great way to students to express themselves to what is happening in class. It keeps students in the target language and slowly they will internalize these words and no longer need a reference sheet to be able to react appropriately in the target language. If they something something in Spanish, I can just discretely point to the phrase on the sheet in front of them.

They are a great way for students to give their opinion on what is happening in a class story or a class novel. You can get this expression sheet plus a poster sheet of the most important verbs for storytelling in our new Essential Spanish Words Posters and Handouts.

Essential Spanish Words

It also includes a Question Word poster plus Common Verbs poster.
Top Spanish Verbs PosterI used our school’s poster maker to print the sheet to poster size to hang up in my classroom. I can easily reference when these words come up in a story






You can also print these Spanish Rejoinder Labels to post on a bulletin board. Spanish Rejoinders Bulletin Board

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1 Response to React in Spanish

  1. Arelle Hughes says:

    Agreed! Having these expressions and reactions (including the interrogatives) on desks is a great idea! I, too, have been meaning to tape to my desks. Even though we’re approaching quarter 4, it’s better late that never!

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