March Madness Book Tournament

Our March Music Madness was a huge success, so today we’d thought we’d offer an alternative that you may have seen from LA/LIT teachers or in your school library. This is a book tournament of novels, written about the Hispanic culture.  These books are in English, but are a great way to open the perspectives of your students.

If you don’t have time to pull this off this year, considering using it during Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15).
March Madness Novel Book Tournament

For ideas on how to implement this in your classroom, keep reading…1. Provide a summary of each book (which you can get from amazon) and have students vote on which book they think is more interesting/would prefer to read. See what book advances to the final and have students read that book (or have students read their own selection).

2. Have students read the two books and vote for their favorite to advance.

3. Have students create their own bracket. Here is a list of over 90 novels.

4. Host a Hispanic Book Challenge and see which students read the most books from the list.

5. Want to incorporate Spanish? Have students rewrite the summaries of the books in Spanish. If they have read any of the books, have them write a review in Spanish. Or you can use the plot of the book to create a story to tell in class.

Have another idea? Share in the comments below. Have you read any of the above books?

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Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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