Monstruo del Armario MovieTalk

Our theme of creepy movies used during MovieTalks continued with the 2:50 video from PMonstruo del Armarioablo Conde titled “El Monstruo del Armario”. (We’ve also used Alma, and a video I call Toc-Toc) This movie worked well after students had created their own MonstruosdelClosetmonsters, labeling the body parts. I have an unused closet in my room, so we have our own closet full of monsters in our classroom, which made this movie a nice tie-in. For this video, we were able to recycle structures such as “ve”, “quiere dormir”,  body parts, and focus on new structures such as “tiene miedo”, “cree” and “está asustado”. For more resources related to body parts, health, and feelings, check out the section on our resource page with links to all our blog posts sorted by theme.



For a ready to use lesson using this video, check out our 3 day lesson, which includes a sample story, questions, and screenshots for students to re-tell the story.

If you are looking for more videos to use for MovieTalks, check out the MovieTalk Databases listed on our Collaboration post.


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  1. mpeto says:

    In case you are interested in extending your lesson I also have a multiple-day lesson plan that features this video, it includes ideas on how to present vocabulary, a preview ppt to read, and a post-viewing story to read:

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