Thanks to the internet, you are never a department of one. The free exchange of ideas and collaboration is rampant on the web, with such social networks as Twitter (#langchat) and Facebook (Spanish Teacher Groups).

Google Drive has allowed teachers to create databases of amazing resources. Check them out. Consider it like the old penny tray: Leave one, take one. While we all benefit from the vast resources that are currently available, we would benefit even more if every teacher who used a resources also left one of their own.Take a Penny World Language Teachers

General Databases:

MovieTalk Database: In search of a video to use as a movietalk? Want to target specific structures? As of right now, they are 180 entries (and growing). Will you be the one to make it 181?

MovieTalk Database 2: Another list of nearly 100 videos.

Authentic Resources Database: The bottom tab separates the languages, and each page features links to an authentic resource along with an activity.

Target Structures Database: Structures for multiple languages along with ready to use lesson plans.

Transcription Databases:

Spanish Commercials: Find a comercial on youtube

Spanish Recipe Tutorials:  Using cooking tutorials from youtube, students can complete cloze activities and rewrite the recipe in their own steps

If you have other databases to share, please add them in the comments and we will add them to this post. If you’ve got an idea for one, start your own!

A shout out to Martina Bex, whose “Eight Days of Hanukkah” encouraged many teachers to add to these database.


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