Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

Did you know there are over 70 National Holidays in Latin America? Did you also know that the most popular one that is taught in schools isn’t even a National Holiday? I’m talking about 5 de Mayo, which is not a federal Mexican holiday (it’s a regional holiday celebrated in Puebla). If you are looking for ways to bring more culture into your classroom, check out our calendar of Hispanic Holidays. This free calendar can be embedded to your class website or to your own calendar to remind you of important days, or you can print a list of the holidays listed by month.

Have your students research a holiday and present what they find in this free Holiday Research Project template.

A few years we published a few posts about Hispanic Heritage Month:

Hispanic Heritage Post 1 : More Than Sombreros and Hispanics in the US, by the numbers.
Hispanic Heritage Post 2: English novels for middle school readers that deal with Hispanic Culture
Hispanic Heritage Month Post 3: Book Recommendations for Teachers

Stay tuned to our twitter as we announce more resources for Hispanic Heritage Month in the next few days.

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