Spanish Webquest

One of my favorite reasons for using webquests is to have students discover information Webquests for Spanish Classon their own. I can take a step back and provide any necessary help, but the students are the ones doing all the work. They are completely engaged. Here are my favorite webquests:

Casa Webquest:La Casa Webquest
Students learn the vocabulary for rooms of the house by exploring actual houses from Latin America. By using real estate websites from Latin America, students get to see what houses actually look like in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, or Argentina. They can then compare houses in the US to houses in Latin America; a great cultural lesson. Get this ready to use product as a PDF or editable file here.

Ropa Webquest:
Corte Ingles WebquestIn this lesson, students use the website for the Spanish department store, El Corte Ingles, to discover for themselves the meaning of vocabulary such as camisa, camiseta, and 11 other clothing words in Spanish. Once students figure out the vocabulary, they are able to fill their shopping cart and find out how much their outfit costs. Download it here.

WordReference WebquestSpanish-English Online Dictionary:
Students learn how to use an online dictionary through this webquest that guides them through looking up words in both languages. Use the website or its app version to have students learn this essential skill.
The good news? If you like all 3, we have them in this money-saving bundle which will save you.
Spanish WebQuests bundle

Futbol Webquest:Spain La Liga futbol Webquest
Soccer is a popular sport with students in my school, so I decided we would learn about Spain’s La Liga, by having students follow a team all year long. Students use the league’s website to learn about their team and create a poster with their team’s info. Check it out here.

Subway Webquest:
Subway is all over South America. So how can we help students order a sandwich? Subway in SpanishThere are 7 steps that this sign in a Subway shop spells out on how to order. The blog Aventuras Nuevas put together this great webquest to explore a Subway website and discover the necessary vocabulary so they can order their own sandwich.


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