Location Unit

I love teaching the location unit. There are so many engaging activities to do to talk about location. I start by teaching the location words to the tune of “Pop goes the weasel”. Since many students look at their hand to see which one makes the letter L for Left, I teach them a similar trick in Spanish by having them make a letter d with their right hand, for mano derecha.

There are also some great clips from Plaza Sésamo. In Spanish, the names are Archibaldo (Grover), la rana René (Kermit the Frog), Beto y Enrique (Bert and Ernie) and Lucas  (Cookie Monster).

Archibaldo: Encima, debajo, alrededor, através
La Rana René y Archibaldo: Arriba y abajo
Archibaldo: Alrededor, Arriba, Abajo, a través

Para más videos de Plaza Sésamo en español, mira los videos de MarshalArchibaldo.

This year we have access to iPads, so we downloaded the free app “Kids Doll House” (update: No longer available). You can use this many ways: have them listen to a script individually and have them move the furniture around to specific rooms. They can take a screen shot (Hold Power Button and Home Button at same time) to e-mail to teacher. You can also have students make their own and describe it to a partner.

You can also use apps like “Doodle Buddy” or “Educreations” as virtual “whiteboards” to have students do drawings while they are listening to a description.

Prepositions of Location

9 Page Lesson Unit- $4.99

No iPads? Check out a previous post on Using Magnets to Teach Location with several activities a a free downloadable lesson. Need plans now? No worries. Our “Prepositions of Location Unit” is ready to purchase and immediately download, which includes 9 photos with simple vocabulary that students can describe to their partner while the partner draws what is being described.



And lastly, we offer this chiste to tell your students during this unit:

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