Connecting to Hispanic Countries

One of my goals for this school year was to include more culture in my class and to have students feel a connection to the Spanish speaking world. One of the first things I did was to have students be able to talk about the time in Spanish speaking countries. It was a great way to review how to tell the time, and this way I could ask more than just the time it was in our school. I got this idea from Señor Noble’s blog. I bought 6 clocks, one for each class I teach. To hang up the clocks, I used Command 3M hanging hooks. I let each class choose a specific country (We had a knockout bracket tournament that students voted between two countries until we had a winner). We had already studied the geography including the capitals of each country.
Under each clock, I posted a strip with the picture of that flag and an outline of the country. I also have posted laminate sentence strips for us to post the weather.

We will be looking up the weather and posting the temperatures in Celsius. I have posted a thermometer poster so students can see how the temperature would relate to Fahrenheit. I want students to begin understanding what Celsius feels like.

My goals for later this year include using Google Earth to take the students on a virtual field trip, having students design a tour of their country by researching attractions, and doing further research on the country.

If you are interested in a Country Research Group Project, I have successfully used this project in the past:

Country Research Project

“Groups will research a Hispanic country in South or Central America. The student project includes a presentation board, map, travel brochure, and flag. Rubric is detailed but this file is a Word file so the buyer can EDIT any part of the project or rubric to their satisfaction.”

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4 Responses to Connecting to Hispanic Countries

  1. teachermrw says:

    Great idea!

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  4. Sr. Noble says:

    Hey, glad you were able to use it for your classroom. Have you noticed that they are kind of loud when the room is totally quiet for a quiz or something. Oh well. Los alumnos hay que aguantar. 🙂

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