Make reflexive Verbs fun

When I studied Spanish in high school, I never quite understood the concept of reflexive verbs. Now, as a teacher, its one of my favorite topics to teach! Make teaching reflexives verbs fun, interesting, and engaging for your students.

I show my students the Solecitos video clip of “Sr. Cepillo“, a video about brushing your teeth: (Hay que cuidarse los dientes… lávate los dientes por lo menos dos veces al día)

At first the students think its a bit strange. By the fourth time, they are getting the song stuck in their head. The next day, I play the video again, but this time, I have my own “Señor Cepillo” that I use to mimick the motion of the video. The kids all want to use it!
All you need to do is take a yard stick, cover it in construction paper, and then cut another sheet of construction paper into strips for the brushes. The result:
Senor CepilloFor more ideas on teaching los verbos reflexivos, keep reading…More Solecitos videos to use with Reflexive Verbs include “Lávate las manos” and can be found on their site or on youtube. I also show “ABC Come bien” and “Ejercicio Fisico” and “Equipo Protector” as this is also our chapter on Health. But by far, the students love the tune of “Sr. Cepillo” the best!

You may also find our detailed unit plan helpful as well:

Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet
Lesson Plans to teach Reflexive Verbs (los verbos reflexivos). This 22 page packet contains a Guided Notes packet (13 pages) which explains reflexive verbs in detail and gives many examples.
Also included are worksheets, pronunciation assessment, quiz, and a student project. This lesson is tried and true. Students become very successful using reflexives during this unit.
Answers to guided notes packet (fill in the blanks) is included!
This unit will cover between 1.5-3 weeks. Free preview available at the link above.

Reflexive Verbs Guided Notes packet
Break down the complexity and difficulty of Reflexive verbs for students through this guided notes packet. This 12 page packet goes step by step and explains the meaning of using the reflexive pronouns and differences in sentences between reflexive and non-reflexive such as “Me baño” and “Baño al perro”. Includes many practice sentences as well as responding to questions. Includes area of graphic organizer for conjugating these verbs.
Answers for fill-in blank of notes are now included!!
One of our most popular products! This product will finally make reflexive verbs understandable for your students! Free download available to see what this product look likes.

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3 Responses to Make reflexive Verbs fun

  1. PedagoNet says:

    Thank you for such a creative post.
    Keep up the great work.

    • carol says:

      I clicked for ideas and found I need to pay for them. Nice…………:(

      • spanishplans says:

        Carol, we offer many free ideas and resources on our site. We also offer high quality classroom-tested materials priced much lower than traditional publishers and catalogs. Thank you for visiting and we hope that at leas our ideas inspire you to create your own engaging materials. Let us know if we can do anything to help you.

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