Musica y Videos en la Clase

In addition to playing authentic music during the first few minutes of class and during work time, I try to incorporate fun and interesting music and videos.

Maybe some of you have seen these before, or even used them yourselves. If not, take a look:

(Note: If your school blocks youtube, try . Another thing to do is to save the youtube video to a movie file. All you need to do is have the youtube link/url. There are many websites that convert urls to video files. One I consistently use is

A high school Spanish teacher in Ohio has been a youtube senstation for Spanish classes with his parodies of Justin Timberlake songs about conjugating verb. The first, “Conjugations Back,” explains how to conjugate -AR verbs. The second, “Cry me a Verb,” focuses on irregular yo forms and stem change verbs. “Reflex your verby” is a good review of reflexive verbs too.

Next, an Illinois Middle School Spanish teacher, who goes by the name Sr. Wooly, creates his own original music to teach specific grammar or vocabulary concepts.  One of students’ favorite song is the hilarious “Puedo Ir al Baño” which also has its own video. You can purchase his original music on a CD and receive full site access to additional music videos, song lyrics, and more.  I also believe his songs are also available on iTunes.

My next set of videos recommendations are from youtube and I have used in class during specific topics.

During the teaching of prepositions of location, these Sesame Street (Plazo Sesamo) videos are a flashback to your students childhood memories. If you are interested in taking a look at Plazo Sesamo youtube clips, I recommend starting with user MarshalArchibaldo, who posts a variety of Spanish Sesame Street clips and is always adding more.

First, is a Monsterpiece Theatre piece by Cookie Monster (in Spanish, his name is Lucas. Grover=Archibaldo, Kermit=Rene, Bert & Ernie= Beto y Enrique)
Monstro dentro de una caja – Monster inside a box with Cookie Monster
Arriba y Abajo – Up and Down with Kermit and Grover
Arriba, Abajo, Alrededor, através – Up, Down, Around and Through with Grover
Arriba Abajo Cancion – by Two monsters

Next, to teach hygiene and health, I go to the Univision’s children’s program los Solecitos and use their 30 second Public Service Announcement commercials with catchy songs.

Sr. Cepillo – My kids LOVE this song, and I’ve even made a prop toothbrush out of a meter stick and some construction paper for the bristles to make my own “Señor Cepillo”
Ejercicio Fisico
Lavate las manos
Equipo Protector
Click, Click, Click – sobre el cinturon de seguridad

Any other videos you use in your classes? Share them below!

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Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Blogger
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1 Response to Musica y Videos en la Clase

  1. jtrevolt says:

    Found some more videos for Spanish class from Los Pimpollos – a children’s show from Peru (programa infantil Los Pimpollos de TV Peru)

    A Lavarse las manos

    Es la hora de dormir

    Las verduras

    Arriba y Abajo

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