La Comida : Vocabulario

VocabulariodeComidaSpanish Food Vocab

¿Quién tiene hambre? Unos archivos para enseñar el vocabulario de la comida.

8 Files:
1) Vocabulary Powerpoint (Expresate Chapter 6)
2)Vocab Quiz (Section 1) – utensils based on meals, and matching
3) Vocab Quiz (Section 2) – fill in the blanks
4) Vocab Clues/Descriptions (would be a good tool if you make a bingo card) or to read if you play flyswatter
5) Vocab Practice (pictures of food), students must write the spanish word of the sentence into the correct pictures
6) Same file as 5 with answers filled in
7) Vocab Quiz of food, same setup as Vocab Practice
8 ) Another version of the quiz of food
Zipped in a folder. All Word documents, so you can edit to your own preferences and make any changes to fit your particular curriculum and vocabulary.

The majority of this vocabulary is from chapter 6 in the textbook Expresate, but a lot of words have been added to supplement this area.

Want a project too? See Below.

3 page document consists of:
– Description of assignment
– Checklist for Students
– Rubric for grading

Project allows students the choice of making or performing one of the following: skit, recorded video, interview, comic strip, Children’s book, storyboard, or powerpoint.

Project deals with:
-Food vocabulary
-Using commands
-Direct Objects Pronouns
-Verbs for ordering

Can be easily modified for any language or any level to include your own curriculum’s needs.

Why reinvent the wheel? This lesson is already planned, tested, and waiting for you!

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