Student Memes

These school related memes perfectly summarizes your typical student with these #studentproblems.

Grades / Homework / TestsThat FeelingPaying Attention  /  TeachersIn Trouble /


I dont always care about my grades
asking for help the last week of the semestertime machine improve my gradesee grade after you didn't study

Homeworkturn the page over!Forgot to do homeworkPlease tell me more about how you did your homework, but your printer brokeWhen you do your homework and the teacher doesn't collect itExcuse for not doing homeworkLook on your face for pop quiz meme

Teststest todayForgot to studystudy the night before a teststeps of a testpostpone test

That Feeling:Teacher Uses your Name in Example
Pizza Steve MemeTeacher forgets to give homework memeTeacher asks you a difficult question meme by Spanish PlansStudents face leaving classStudents after hearing about projectanswer a question correctly in classTeacher assigns group projectRealizing that it is fitness day in gymteacher calls me wrong nameDidn't use a number 2 pencilsilly face when teacher is talking to youWhen the teacher isn't in the room



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1 Response to Student Memes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excuses for PE. Not dressing out, not be able to run or walk.
    Girls. It’s that time of month do I have to dress out. My mom said if I wasn’t feeling good I could sit during PE .
    I hurt my arm so I can’t run.
    I know you sAid I needed a dr note to excuse me but my mom wrote me a note and said that I didn’t have to do PE because she knows I’m sick.

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