Student Memes 2

These school related memes perfectly summarizes your typical student with these #studentproblems.

Grades / Homework / TestsThat FeelingPaying Attention  /  TeachersIn Trouble /

Paying Attention:

Teacher called on me. Wasn't listening meme

When the teacher calls on you when youve been spacing outwhen I get an answer righthomer studentspretending to think of an answerEveryone gets it but me

Teacher Responses: When the teacher thinks they are funny and responds to your honest question with one of these:

can I go to the bathroom memedid I miss anything

In Trouble:

When the teacher threatens to call your parentsyour face when teacher turns his backPhone call to students parentsWhen your see your parent talking to your teacher


When there's a fight at school

pencils down get the same teacher 2 years in a row



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