Teacher Memes

If you are looking for our teacher memes, you can find them here:

1. Classroom Memes: Class Rules
2. Customizable Teacher Memes
3. Editable memes for elementary classroom
4. Teacher Problem Posters

Teacher Memes Class Rules

On the first day of school, instead of going over your classroom rules, why don’t you just create some memes explaining your rules. A quick and memorable way for your students to connect with routines and procedures. Either way, these are fun ways to express your sentiments.

And if you are a science teacher, check out these memes for lab safety!


If you want to make your colleagues laugh we recommened printing some of these teacher problemes to hang up in the staff lounge.

Spanish Teachers, check out our Spanish memes here.

98 Responses to Teacher Memes

  1. I LOVE THESE! I wish I would’ve stumbled upon them earlier! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mark Mayo says:

    Haha, hilarious. I think it would be fun to print these out, tab them with an easily identifiable label, and then pull them out and and hold them up to respond every time a student says one of these things. 🙂

  3. These are just simply hilarious! I am going to find a way to share them throughout the year.

  4. Kyle Raynes says:

    Because doing stupid shit like this actually makes a difference in your student’s life. The only one I actually like is the eCard about reading PowerPoint word for word. That’s the most accurate portrayal of any “teacher” that would take their time to create this bullshit.

  5. Heidi Huber says:

    These are awesome! I’m going to attempt to put some of these on a PowerPoint. Thank you for taking the time to do these and share them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    These are great! Thank you!

  7. Pam says:

    These are GREAT!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This really was done by a teacher due to the lack of knowledge on how the memes are actually suppose to be written.

    • Anonymous says:

      *Supposed. You don’t seem to be qualified to criticize.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all, A knowledge of grammar does not qualify one to have a knowledge of memes. A knowledge of memes does not qualify one to have a knowledge of grammar. See what I’m getting at here? They’re mutually exclusive. The original criticism is valid. Some of these memes are not being used in their proper idiomatic context.

      • sandyarose says:

        @Anonymous: Just FYI, mutually exclusive means the two CANNOT exist together. The existence of one excludes the other.

        These two traits CAN exist together but it is not necessary for them to exist together. Which is the point you were making.

        Not sure what the name is for that relationship of events though.

  9. Adrienne walter says:

    The last picture with the teacher on the floor pretty much sums it up! Never truer. Am exhausted, have painful feet and no voice for the month of September!

  10. Kevin Belton says:

    Awesome…Just wish some were IN SPANISH

  11. Zack Woodmansee says:

    Good idea – but a serious heads up: misusing memes this badly will just make your students NOT take them seriously. Might want to look into the correct usage of most of these, since most are not even close the the original meme idea

    • Hannah says:

      This is true. Certain meme images bring to mind certain punch lines and many missed the mark. Still a funny idea though.

    • bentcurve says:

      I agree with this. A misused meme will simply make you out of touch, and give to appearance of trying to appropriate a culture you are not a part of.

  12. Brenda says:

    I am going to steal the translator one and the does this have to be in Spanish, if I had a dollar for each time I heard that I could be living on a beach sipping Margaritas

  13. Louise says:

    Missing: Will this be on the test????

  14. Pilar Palabunda says:

    These are the most amazing (and accurate) memes I have ever seen. Period.

  15. Wow! These are for laughs, folks, I can’t believe some of the negative comments folks left here. Get a sense of humor, y’all!! 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Too funny! Can relate to a lot of these. See the humor in it people!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Coming from a white teacher, the two “memes” with black slang are incredibly racist…and I agree that anyone under 35 would not find these memes funny or correctly made. This will create a huge generation gap on the first day.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see those memes as being racist at all. its not like they were put w random black people. Those two things became very popular on youtube & in the media- its just a twist on that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an under 35 teacher who finds them hilarious. I’ve done these before not using the correct meme wording (especially Picard) and my students find them hysterical. It might be a change to them but the kids can still connect to them. I teach eighth graders.

    • Me-me says:

      Oh, right. The concept of memes is only understandable to young people. And most young people won’t get the humor because they will be too busy analyzing how inappropriate the memes are. FINE! As long as they use their brains, I could care less if they don’t think I am cool.

  18. I am well over 35, and having been married to a teacher, having a daughter who is a teacher and having been an educational assistant myself, I find these hilarious.

  19. notaspanishstudent says:

    Even better, take the most popular memes of the month (or these, i suppose) and have the kids translate them into Spanish. Lesson plan for the day complete. boomgoesthedynomite.

  20. teacher L says:

    These are awesome. More please!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I love it when teachers think they have a hard job

    • Barb says:

      HA wow, I dare you to walk a day in my shoes. CSSD teacher in Calgary, not that you give a rats ass but you’re very ignorant. Not sure how it is where you’re from but man judging others (teachers) says more about your character, not ours.

    • David Wood says:

      I love it when people pretend to know about a job they haven’t done.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s it? No comment about how I get summers off, or how I come home at 3 every day, or how I’m a glorified babysitter?

      If you’re going to be a troll, at least try a little harder.

    • María Díaz says:

      Claramente esta persona “anónima” no tiene ni la menor idea de lo que es ser profesor ni de lo que implica.- Si usted no va a aportar, mejor quédese con sus palabras.

      Saludos cordiales

  22. Alan Cring says:

    The header asks, “Which ones can you identify with most?”

    I can honestly answer, “All of them.”

    You know what the sad part is? I’m a college professor.

  23. B Johnson says:

    I found some of these offensive because of the use of dialect or other ethnic references.

    • Patricia Barconey says:

      I totally agree with you.

    • hoovman says:

      This is what is going wrong with our country these days. Something is presented as a way to poke fun and relieve stress of some common problems that teachers deal with all the time and you have to dissect and analyze every little thing. The “political correctness” wave that has been sweeping the county lately is absurd, it’s not like we don’t have enough going on right now that we have to walk on egg shells with everything that we say just to make sure we don’t offend someone. I am not saying that you don’t have a right to post your opinion because saying that would be a complete contradiction of what I am trying to say, all I am saying is just because you don’t like the way something is done or said should make it acceptable to push for your way to do something. Next thing you know children are going to complain to parents, then parents are going to go the school districts and someone is going to get sued because there feelings were hurt. Here’s a band aid now get over it! Did you ever think that maybe your disapproval of something offends what the other person thinks, no you were just so wrapped up in your own feelings that you didn’t care one bit about the other person like your view or ideology is more important than the other person, like you matter more than everyone else. We are all human we all have to survive and thrive together so move on and worry about things that actually matter.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow – some people take just about everything too seriously. This was supposed to be a light moment. Smile, people.

  25. Nab4 says:

    I really hope a teacher didn’t write these… “should of”? Really? *Should have* or as someone was trying to write but failed miserably doing: *Should’ve*

  26. Terry says:

    I need all of these in poster sizes!

  27. Gretta says:

    The most annoying thing students ask me…”Do we need our book today?” DUH!!! Only if you want to pass!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Whatever! Wish I had them on flash cards for ‘those’ days!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Must I attend class everyday? What is the big deal about being tardy?

  30. K Connolly says:

    Student: “Can I go to the bathroom real fast?”
    Teacher: “I don’t know can you? I’ll time you! Ready… Set… Go!” 💩

  31. LibraryLady says:

    need some library memes too (school library, that is) – someone made me one that said “one simply does not bring food or drink to the library”; think the pic was from Lord of the Rings.

  32. Patricia Barconey says:

    The “Locker Pass” one is racist. You are stereotyping the way black people speak – and making the black race sound ignorant.

  33. Jessica says:

    Yup I may print them on card stock, laminate them, and hand them, “here’s your sign” style to students. Nah, not really, but they’re funny.

  34. claudia key says:

    These are too funny. Where can teacher’s get a set? Post those and the first couple weeks of school can be about learning material instead of the rules. Lol 🙂

  35. Catherine says:

    I want to print every single one of these.

  36. Margaret says:

    Love it. Please add “that’s not fair” to what students say

  37. Cindie Clayton says:

    You want extra credit? Please tell me more about how you don’t do the regular credit!

    Perfect!! 🙂

  38. Charlotte Ogden says:

    Where can I purchase these “Teacher’s Memes”? They are great, I would love to have a power point using them.
    C. Ogden

  39. Glenn Lewis says:

    Must try something new

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Anonymous says:

    These are great, but aren’t the images a a little too dated, as-is these seem more like inside jokes for teachers? I can tell this was created by a 30+. C’mon how many people under 25, let alone students who are under 18, will get a Bill Lumbergh reference? Or the original Wonka? I love the idea, but maybe throw in some more Sponge Bob images or Adventure time, and then we’ll be cookin’ with gas!

  42. Zahida Ganie says:

    Love the one for tardiness.

  43. Antonia says:

    These are amazing and I agree with take them for what they can be for your students. Unfortunately, even at face value some may see them as “off”. But you should know your environment and your audience. Question: is it possible to buy them anywhere? Thanx.

  44. Jessica Labbe says:

    Do you have a link where you can get the Teacher Memes?

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