Memes for Teachers

Being a teacher is tough work. These memes sum up some of the situations we deal with on a regular basis. Which ones can you identify with most?

Copy Machine Problems:
no line in copy room teacher meme Thanks for refilling copy machineoffice paper jam memecopy machine y u noWhy you don't wait until 5 minutes before class to make copies
Staff Meetings and Inservice/Institute Days:
question at staff meeting staff meeting cancelledstaff meeting questionsForgetting about staff meetingstaff meeting asking question

teacher inservice deathnew schoolwide initiative

3 troublemakers absent on same dayyoungersiblingsIEPs everywheremade a typowaittilitsquietit's in the syllabusMen in blackStudent birthdaysWhen I make a joke in class

Typical Student Questions:

questions before a testis this going to be on the test

I don't always come to work sickno more coffeereading an email from that parent
Lesson Planning AdviceGo to work sick or write sub plansForget tests at schoolTeacher reading note

stupid questions

first day of school

differentiate standarized teststudent isnt good at subject

The teacher who wants to be Teaching where the salaries are lowGross Things Students doI dont always substitute teach
Other:teachers schedule tests on same day

Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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6 Responses to Memes for Teachers

  1. ES says:

    LOVE the siblings one! I made one here that I think is relatively funny.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. ECVtalks says:

    My favs: The Captain Picard one: more like every 2 months with our new superintendent.
    The baby & MIB ones under students although I’m going to get that “It’s in the syllabus” t-shirt made ASAP.
    The Simpsons meme is going on my classroom’s wall as soon as yearbooks are delivered next school year with a money box underneath, lol.

  4. Doreen says:

    I like the cover one about differentiated instruction and standardized testing. That’s the question of the day!!!

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