World Cup a week away

The event of the year is getting closer. Anticipation is building. If you haven’t put up your World Cup groups and bracket yet, it’s not too late. The first game kicks off on November 20 with 3 more on November 21. This is the first ever year that this event takes place during the school year.

World Cup Bracket Bulletin Board

Download our free Bracket Labels/Groups

copa-mundial-2022If you’re feeling pressed for time or need some motivation, we’re been working the last several weeks to get things ready for you. Our Copa Mundial bundle has a wide array of resources including infographics about World Cup history and an overview of the 2022 event, a map to locate the 32 participating countries, a research page for students to look up information about the team, and more. We also have this available in French [Coupe du monde] for our French-teaching colleagues.

Interpretive ReadingOur Interpretive Reading texts are also included in the above bundle, but if you don’t want all the extra stuff, this includes a novice-level text explaining the Who, What, When, and Where of the world’s most popular sporting event plus another text that focuses on 7 interesting facts about Qatar hosting the 2022 event. This are must have articles if you are talking about the World Cup in your class featuring a text loaded with high frequency words that explains the tournament even to a novice-level soccer fan.

FUTbol chat matIf you want to have your students talk about the results of the games as the tournament progresses and keep them in the target language, then our Futbol Chat Mat is a must for your class. Featuring common questions and phrases to talk about the games in general or specific plays, students can use this cheat sheet to give their opinions and react to all the happenings. It also includes a page of 25 essential soccer terms (available to print in Spanish, English, or blank with just the picture for all your note-taking needs).

And the resources keep coming. Join our Facebook Group and access the shared Google Drive of resources uploaded the shared by other Spanish teachers.

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