With Disney’s Encanto coming out next week I wanted to preview the movie before Thanksgiving Movie Poster for Encanto with caption Using the Movie Encanto in your Spanish classbreak with my students. The movie hits theaters November 24 and then will be released on Disney+ on December 24 making it even more readily accessible for many students.

Many Spanish teachers are rightly excited about this movie based on Colombia and how we can incorporate it into the classroom.

Trailer in Spanish.

Here’s are some options for using with your Spanish classes:

I’ve taken the character posters and put each one onto a slide. I’ve printed them as a handout (6 per page) and will pass them out to students for them to take notes on. Different options you can choose to do:

Handout with images of characters from movie with blank space for note taking

Character Handout for Encanto

  • Have students write physical descriptions of the characters in Spanish. What color hair do they have? Are they young/old? What physical attributes are evident?
  • Orally dictate information about the characters for students to write down. What is their name? What is their special talent? What is their relationship in to the main character?
  • Have students write predictions. Based on the image, what do you think is special about the character. What do you think they will do in the movie?

    Want something ready to use with no prep? Purchase our filled in Notes of character descriptions.Text on background of flowers with Colombian flag
    Includes vocabulary common to Spanish 1 classes:
    -Relationships (Es la hermana de….)
    -Descriptions (Tiene pelo negro y corto)
    -Sentences with Puede and Verbs (Puede levantar carros)
    -Body Parts (Tiene brazos grandes/musculosos)

    You can also purchase the Encanto resource from Sra. Cruz which includes a cloze activity of the trailer, a family tree, and much more.

You can also find movie posters or other images from the movie and PictureTalk them.

Check out Youtube for other trailers/clips and other videos that talk about the movie. For example, this video, 10 Referencias típicas de Colombia en Encanto, shows how the movie incorporates real places and culture from Colombia comparing images from the movie to actual photos of the items. There are many similar videos. Here’s a few others:
Cosas que no sabias sobre Colombia que salen en Encanto
10 cosas que nos gustaron en el traler de Encanto

Instead of a video, here’s an article,
Tinto, arepa y todo lo colombiano que tiene la película

After our class discussion, as an exit slip I had students write what they learned about Colombia. I posted the image on twitter and it went viral on social media…becoming a news story in Colombia [Noticias Caracol: El efecto ‘Encanto’ en EE.UU.]

Encanto Positive Impract of Colombia
Here’s an exit slip you can download for FREE (both English and Spanish versions): Colombia_Exit_Ticket. When you get them back, post them online and tag us @SpanishPlans so we can re-share.

We will be adding to these post as we find more resources and as we do more activities in class. If you have any resources you’d like to add, put them in the comments below!

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Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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