Summer PD reading

Many of you are either already out for summer or are approaching summer. But we all know that teachers are busy during the summer with summer school, planning for next year, taking classes or attending training among other things. Today we’d like to highlight some Professional Development reading that would be beneficial to Language Teachers.

1. Comprehensible and Compelling: The Causes and Effects of Free Voluntary Reading
I don’t know about you, but when there is a Krashen book available to read, I’m all over it. This book, published at the end of 2017, “provides compelling research-based arguments for reading aloud, free voluntary reading, and reading to one’s strengths” and “identifies and explains the three stages in the development of the highest level of literacy: hearing stories, self-selected recreational reading, and specialized reading in an area of deep personal interest.”
FVR has been a game changer for my classroom, so if you have questions about impleting it in your classroom this book is a must rea

Other Krashen titles:

2. TPRS with Chinese Characteristics: Making Students Fluent and Literate through Comprehensible Input

Don’t worry if you don’t teach Chinese. This book is applicable to all languages. So many teachers have recommended this book by Terry Waltz and it’s no suprise. “It is loaded with down-to-earth practical advice for any language teacher who wants her/his students to actually develop true proficiency.”

3. Fluency Through TPR Storytelling

There is a reason some people refer to this book as the “Green Bible”, as the father of TPRS, Blaine Ray, guides the reader on implementing TPRS in his/her classroom. If you are new to TPRS, this would be a good place to start.



If you are a member of ACTFL, you can also purchase their publications. What are your summer reading titles?

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  1. KD says:

    Thanks for the TPR recommendation. It’s a topic I need to learn more about.

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